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Tiffany - Preserved Rose Keychain

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Preserved Rose Keychain

This cute keychain is one of our best selling items, and we can understand why!

Carry the beauty of a real rose everywhere you go with this stylish statement piece, whether you hang it from a handbag, a phone case, or a set of keys.

Accessorised with a soft, feminine pom-pom, this keychain features a real preserved rose captured within a transparent bauble charm. The perfect preserved rose bloom will last for a year without fading.

This keychain is sure to be a hit with anyone who loves a touch of femininity and whimsy in their style. It also makes the perfect stocking stuffer or decoration.

Materials: One preserved Ecuadorian rose | Acrylic ball | Stainless metal keyring | faux fur pom-pom

Dimensions: Bauble diameter 1.96” / 5 cm