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Are the roses real?

Yes! Our roses are grown high up in the Andes in Ecuador, where the days are long and the combination of sunlight and fertile soils produce some of the world’s most incredible roses.

The roses are carefully tended so they can be picked at precisely the right moment, then treated with a special preserving liquid that replaces and locks in moisture to keep them looking freshly cut. Our florists tint the roses after preservation, ensuring long-lasting, vibrant colours.

Unlike dried flowers, which are often brittle, fragile and discoloured, preserved roses look as perfect as a freshly cut rose, with the benefit of lasting much longer.


How long do preserved roses last?

Preserved roses are very easy to care for, and with minimal maintenance, you can expect them to last from one to three years in most cases.

To enjoy your preserved roses for as long as possible, just keep them out of direct sunlight, heat sources and high humidity. No water or mist is needed!


I have allergies. Are preserved roses suitable for me?

Great news - preserved roses are perfect for people with allergies!

The pollen is completely removed as part of the preservation process, so anyone can enjoy preserved roses without the irritation and health issues caused by allergies.

Many of our customers tell us they love our preserved roses because they can finally enjoy natural roses in the home.


Can I take the roses out of their box?

Our florists take great care with the creation of each flower box, and design them as a complete display piece. The roses could be damaged by removing them, so to avoid disappointment they shouldn’t be removed from their display box.

Our stunning handcrafted boxes are the perfect way to display the roses, so we’re confident you’ll find an arrangement you love.


Can the roses go outside?

Sunlight can reduce the longevity of preserved roses, so please keep them indoors and away from direct sunlight so you can enjoy them for the longest time possible.


What happens after their 'time', do they die?

The longevity of preserved roses depends on how they’re cared for and the environment they’re in, so it’s possible you’ll enjoy your roses well beyond the expected lifespan with some very basic care.

Preserved roses don’t “die” in the way that fresh roses do, but eventually you may begin to notice slight discoloration on the petal edges, some signs of drying, and perhaps minor cracking.


Do the roses still smell?

The preservation process removes the scent of roses, so our florists delicately restore the beautiful natural fragrance of the roses with a pure rose oil. The scent of the oil may fade naturally over time.





How do I place an order?

Just ten quick steps and you’ll be on your way to delighting someone with a stunning rose delivery!

  1. Choose a box. Select the shape, size and colour box you would like.
  2. Choose the roses. Select the colour roses you would like in the box.
  3. Write a greeting. Type the message you would like to include in the greeting card with your flowers.
  4. Delivery instructions. Include any special delivery instructions, if applicable.
  5. Add to cart. Proceed to checkout if you are happy with your selections.
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  8. Enter your payment details in our secure form.
  9. Take a moment to check the delivery address and order details are correct.
  10. Place your order. You’re done! We’ll email you a confirmation, then get to work on your beautiful arrangement.


What if I’m unsure about entering my credit card details online?

We understand. It makes sense to be careful about sharing your personal and payment details online.

To make sure your security is protected, we’ve implemented state-of-the-art data encryption to keep your details safe and ensure none of your information is accessible to unauthorized individuals.




Is your website secure with my personal information?

Absolutely. We take your privacy and security very seriously. Your personal information is secure and protected through SSL security technology, which encrypts your data and keeps it safe.


What if I have more questions?

If you still need help, our friendly team will be happy to assist.

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