Meaning of Red Roses

The meaning of red roses has always been “I love you so much” throughout history. It has been. You can express your love with red roses and make the other person feel it. In addition, red roses have been a special flower loved by every woman throughout history.

We use red roses for every special moment. Red roses have always been used to express love on special occasions such as birthdays, Valentine's Day or anniversaries. In addition, there are different meanings according to the number of roses, we have listed their meanings for you below. Here are the meanings of roses according to their numbers:

Meaning of 1 Red Rose: It expresses your love for the person you love.
Meaning of 2 Red Roses: Two roses are the definition of mutual love.
Meaning of 3 Red Roses: Three roses mean "I love you more than anything".
Meaning of 4 Red Roses: Represents trust. It is the representative of a life you will build together in the future.
Meaning of 5 Red Roses: It expresses your admiration and respect for him. In general, it is common to gift 5 roses on occasions such as mother's day and business celebrations.
Meaning of 6 Red Roses: 6 roses are a sign of special love. It expresses the state of wanting to be together. It means the desire to get married or moving to the same house.
Meaning of 7 Red Roses: Expresses passion and love.
Meaning of 8 Red Roses: 8 roses represent support sent to a friend. It means "I am with you".
Meaning of 9 Red Roses: It expresses long-term love. It means I will always love you.
Meaning of 10 Red Roses: It represents a perfect love.
The Meaning of 11 Red Roses: It means "you are my most precious".
Meaning of 12 Red Roses: It means I am with you for life and it signifies commitment.
The Meaning of 13 Red Roses: It means “You are very valuable” to a friend.
Meaning of 14 Red Roses: To congratulate the other person for their exemplary behavior.
15 Red Rose Meaning: To apologize for what you have done.
Meaning of 17 Red Roses: It represents marriage. It is also preferred for anniversary celebrations.
Meaning of 18 Red Roses: It expresses that you like the person you love and how beautiful it is to him.
19 Meaning of Red Rose: It represents patience and a mature love.
Meaning of 20 Red Roses: Expresses sincere and deep feelings.
30 Red Roses Meaning: I am completely devoted to you.
Meaning of 40 Red Roses: It is a symbol of pure and honest love.
Meaning of 50 Red Roses: It represents long-term commitment and deep love.
Meaning of 99 Red Roses: It means I love you very much and I will love you until I die.
Meaning of 100 Red Roses: It means I am bound to you with an endless love.
Meaning of 101 Red Roses: It means I love you with a greater love than the universe.
Meaning of 365 Red Roses: Every day and every minute of my life is spent thinking of you and it means I love you more than anything and anyone.
Meaning of 999 Red Roses: It is the proof of eternal love and affection.

History of Red Roses

The history of the red rose begins before the history of humanity. The age of roses found in various fossil beds goes back 25 to 40 million years from today.
The first records of roses in written history were found in Mesopotamian clay tablets 5000 years ago. Many historians believe that rose water was used in ancient civilizations such as Babylon. After Mesopotamia, rose in Crete, BC in the palace of Knossos. It appears in a wall fresco from the 1600s.

The oldest hieroglyph describing the rose in ancient Egypt is from 1400 BC. Later, a wreath made of roses is found in an Egyptian tomb dating from 400-200 AD. During the Cleopatra period, the rose is frequently mentioned. It is known that Cleopatra loved roses, decorated her milk baths with rose petals, had rose petals scattered under her feet, and even used roses as an aphrodisiac.

Rose has a special importance in Chinese civilization. Confucius mentions roses in the gardens of the Chinese Emperor and that there were more than 600 books on roses in the imperial library.

The Romans learned the rose from the Greeks. Giving weight to agricultural production with its water channels, Rome developed large rose gardens besides wheat fields and orchards. In Nero's time, the use of roses reached extraordinary levels.

The ladies also included the red rose, which is used in various ways in invitations, banquets and meetings due to its beautiful scent, in their beauty recipes. The Romans were aware of the antiseptic and antibacterial properties of rose water; They washed their hands with rose water and liked to take a bath with rose water. Thus, rose cultivation and trade gained great importance.

Since rose water was used in religious and spiritual ceremonies in most of the ancient civilizations, the use of roses, which was accepted as a Pagan custom in the early Christian period, was prevented. Later, however, Christianity, like other religions, included the rose in its sacred symbols; red rose St. Identified with the blood of Jesus, Hz. Mary was called "the thornless rose".

The Middle Ages brought the therapeutic properties of the rose to the fore. During the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, the red rose was the most popular treatment for depression.

Forgotten rose gardens in medieval Europe, 13th century. It started to come to life again with the rose seedlings that the Crusaders carried from the Middle East countries to their hometowns.

Rose scent became very popular during the time of Empress Josephine, who loved red roses and often bathed in rose water. Rose regained her fame in Ancient Rome during the Napoleonic era.

The Empress established the rose gardens known as the "Malmaison Gardens" in 1798. Supporting his wife's interest in roses, Napoleon ordered his captains who sailed to distant lands to transport their seedlings to the country when they found new rose species.

Thus, the variety in the collection multiplied. During the 16 years until her death, 250 different types of roses were grown in these gardens, whose expenses were paid by the Empress herself. The passion for roses passed from France to England over time. Later, Western Europe, America and Australia started to benefit from the rose in various ways.

Red Roses

A passionate path to the heart of your loved one. Giving someone a red rose is an expression that you have handed over the key to your heart and that your passion will always last. It also means that you have a deep respect for the other person and see him or her in a very special place in your life.

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