About Us

Lily, a student from London, met Ryan, a student from Miami, in Germany while they were studying abroad. They fell in love and spent their days dreaming about a future together. When their time in Germany ended, they had to go back to their home countries, but they missed each other a lot.

For three years, Ryan sent Lily flowers every week to show his love. They realized they couldn't live without each other and decided to get married and start a family. Being apart made them think about a way to help people stay connected with their loved ones through flowers without spending too much money.

That's when they came up with the idea of "Forever Roses." These are natural flowers that go through a special process to stay fresh for years. This idea became Flowers First, their own company. Over the eight years since they started, Flowers First faced both good and tough times, including dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. They even opened several pop-up stores in different countries, spreading their love for flowers and connections.

Now, Flowers First is not just in the USA and the United Kingdom; they also send their beautiful flower arrangements to people all over the world. Lily and Ryan's story, from being students to creating a successful flower business, shows that love and determination can overcome any challenges.