About Us

We combine luxury contemporary floristry with the enduring beauty of preserved flowers to make your special moment last longer.


 Who we are

A modern flower boutique, Flowers First was born from a desire to do things differently.

Our goal is to help bring your special moment to life with impressive, unique floral arrangements using only the best quality flowers. More than that, we want to make those moments even more unforgettable with preserved roses that stay gorgeous and vibrant for much longer than the average floral display.

If you want to surprise someone with flowers, mark a special occasion or celebrate in style, our talented floral artists can help you make a wonderful lasting impression.

Why we’re different

We built a reputation on our passion for delighting our customers and revolutionising the floral industry. 

Here’s why:

  • Quality: We demand the very best quality flowers, which is why our roses are sourced from high in the Andes in Ecuador. Growing to lush perfection in the plentiful sunlight and fertile soil, Ecuadorian roses are renowned for their superiority in size, quality and beauty.
  • Innovative: Our modern preservation techniques mean your floral arrangement will look amazing for at least a year, and often much longer. Non-toxic and hypoallergenic, our preserved roses can be enjoyed by absolutely everyone.
  • Creative: Our floral artists are talented, creative and versatile, and know how to design an arrangement that’s perfect for your occasion. From weddings, corporate events and anniversaries to condolences and “just because” moments, they’ll help you find exactly the right way to make an impression.
  • Customer-obsessed: Why are we so obsessed with making our customers happy? Because whether it’s a small surprise or a big event, we know that any moment deserving flowers is important to you. We absolutely love helping customers bring their ideas to life.
  • Global: Our London florists create stunning arrangements that are enjoyed by people all over the world. We deliver almost everywhere!