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Heart Shaped Preserved Rose

Heart Shaped Preserved Rose

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Luxury Heart Shaped Preserved Rose

A rose is a statement. Classic, timeless and romantic, it’s the perfect gift to convey your love.

While most roses drop their petals and fade like yesterday’s memories, preserved roses make your special moment last.

As perfect and lifelike as a freshly cut rose, this breathtaking heart-shaped preserved rose can be enjoyed for between three and five years, making every day feel as special as Valentine’s Day.

Displayed in an elegant black box, these high quality Ecuadorian roses are preserved using a unique, non-toxic method that truly captures their beauty.

The rose is non-allergenic, pollen free and won’t fade.

Box dimensions: W 13cm x H 10cm x D 13cm / W 5.1” x H 3.93” x D 5.1”

Rose diameter: Approximately 7cm - 10cm / 3.1” - 3.9” (as a natural product, there may be some variation)

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Customer Reviews

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Deborah Jackson

Arrived very quickly my best friend who loves flowers and is poorly at minuet and due to covid had to be careful as her amine system low so I don’t get to see her much.
Well she loved it and it was perfect gift for a perfect friend

Afonso Pimentel

Leather box