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Everlasting Preserved Red Rose Single

Everlasting Preserved Red Rose Single

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Preserved Long Stem Rose

Sometimes, less is more.

The long-stemmed rose sends a simple are The One.

Let someone special hold that special moment longer with a preserved long-stemmed rose, and guaranteed to retain its stunning beauty for at least a year.

Preserved roses demand the best quality, which is why we source our roses from the fertile soils and sunshine of Ecuador, and treat them using a unique organic method that keeps them as vibrant and perfect as the day they were cut.

It needs no maintenance other than a light dusting as required.

Whether for a proposal, Valentine’s Day or just to let her know she’s loved, any moment special enough to demand a long-stemmed rose can be made even more memorable with an everlasting rose.

Materials: One preserved Ecuadorian rose. 

Dimensions: H 13.8” /  H 35 cm.

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Customer Reviews

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Absolutely beautiful xxxxx


Was order for valentines day turned up day after

Carole Matheson
Fabulous Everlasting Preserved Rose Stem

The person I bought this for absolutely loves it. I had one bought for me a year ago and it only recently lost its smell.

Not very inclusive

With the comment “ Let her hold that special moment longer with a preserved long-stemmed rose” you are assuming that a man is reading this to buy for a woman where the situation could be very different. Amending the her to them or someone special would display a more inclusive approach from yourselves.

Thank you dear S.N. for a good advice!